Най-важните предимства накратко

Select your desired cabinet frame from a wide range of cabinet types. Regardless of the cabinet type, all design settings can be individually adjusted. Sloping tops, back grooves, corners, materials, borders, fronts, drawers and other settings guarantee that the cabinet meets your expectations. Even after guided placement of the cabinet, it remains adjustable at any time.

Stay creative and assemble your furniture out of individual components. You decide which table, bed or cabinet component to use to create the perfect interior design for your customer. As usual, all material and construction settings are used for further processing. By assigning free-forms to individual components, even unconventional shapes are no obstacle.

You can precisely incorporate countertops, fascias and mouldings into your existing design. Here, too, the multitude of definition options leaves nothing to be desired. Cut-outs for the sink and cooking range can also be positioned at the desired location at a later stage and are transferred directly to F4Integrate.

Придайте форма на вашите идеи с F4Design!