Автоматизация c-motion


Най-важните предимства накратко

Tedious searches for the right panel, lengthy inventory counts or the incorrect use of raw boards are a thing of the past. The C-Motion panel storage system knows at all times how many panels are located in the storage area and on which connected machine they are to be processed. In addition, statistics on usage, stock levels, age of the panels and much more can be exported at any time with a simple click of the mouse.


If processing machines such as the nesting CNC or the beam saw are integrated into the panel storage system, the infeed is done fully automatically via the manipulator. Through communication between the systems, the correct panel is automatically loaded for the appropriate programme, which eliminates both the risk of errors and accidents, yet simultaneously increases productivity significantly.

No more damage to the panels thanks to fully automatic handling with a vacuum system. In contrast to mechanical clamps or even manual handling, material transport by means of a bellows vacuum or surface vacuum avoids any damage to the material. Even highly sensitive materials can be handled safely and easily.

The storage system for your individual requirements.

Get the highest quality and precision from Austria with the c-motion area storage system. The advantages are clear: simplest material management, protective material transport, maximum flexibility and a high degree of work

safety. The c-motion area storage system optimises, rationalises and reduces your cycle times to a minimum. Individual planning offers maximum flexibility.